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Become a news source to get HARO Publicity Alerts from Vocus. You'll receive real-time media opportunities, straight from journalists on a deadline needing a source.

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Standard $19/month Recommended - Advanced $49/month Premium $149/month
Media Opportunities: Delivered to your inbox, three times a day. included included included
Filter your alerts: Opportunities that match your keyword preferences. 1 alert 3 alerts unlimited alerts
Build a profile: Help journalists recognize you as a good fit for their story. 1 profile 3 profiles unlimited profiles
Get text alerts: Alerts are sent right to your mobile phone. included included included
Search online: Search our entire database for opportunities anytime. included included included
Get a head start: Get alerts early for extra time to craft the perfect response.   included included
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Free PR opportunities delivered to your inbox, three times a day. Includes email support.

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