A piece of content becomes extremely valuable when it contains real-life experiences. That’s where HARO fits into our content strategy and creations. Every time we use HARO, it helps us bond with great professionals around the world who want to share genuine experiences and insights with us.

While being a company that connects businesses with remote software developers, we are interested in interviewing product startups about how they successfully hire and retain their remote software developers, which practices they used, how they manage to stay competitive on the tech market, and more.

Such activity helps us better understand our customers and their pain points. By conducting interviews, we can outline the common challenges faced by the majority of companies and provide them with tangible solutions. Secondly, it helps our site readers, who are potential clients. By interviewing companies that have the same challenges as them, we help prospective customers find the best solution for their own pain points. Last but not least, HARO assists us in generating new content and increasing traffic. From posting one HARO request we can receive up to four great interviews, which means we can post an interview on our blog every week. HARO saves our marketing team tons of time, allowing them to continuously produce high-quality content.

All these positive results inspired us to create a separate section on our blog where we post HARO interviews about remote team management practices, recruitment and retention techniques, etc.

–Elena Ruchko


Elena Ruchko is the Head of Digital Marketing at Daxx. With over 6 years of experience in multiple marketing strategies including content marketing and SEO, Elena has been featured in CMI, SEMrush, and SmartInsights.



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