Every week, I respond to seven or eight queries and get one media placement on average. Every time I get an appearance, I can put that outlet’s logo on my site. It builds my credibility as a media dietician.

The “Daily Buzz” – the national morning TV show – put out a HARO query asking for articles for their new Body Checklist website.  They needed a nutritionist so I responded like I always do. When the producer looked at my website and saw all of my media coverage and TV appearances, she asked me to write a series of 15 weekly articles, with my picture and bio added to the site as a regular expert.

I agreed, and then I asked her if I could come out there and shoot a bunch of segments. Three weeks later, I was on a plane to Florida.

I shot four appearances on the Daily Buzz.  That one HARO response turned into four national television segments.  They got a great expert and I got to be on a national morning TV show. Since then, I’ve been able to sign with a talent agent, and I even signed a deal to do an infomercial.

Through HARO, my media coverage has just built and built and built.  Now, when reporters search for my name, they see 15, 20 pages with me on them, which I got through HARO for no cost. For building your credibility, it’s priceless.

Lisa DeFazio

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