Kevin-Cahill-HeadshotAfter hearing Scott Stratten (Founder of Unmarketing) speak at an event in Guelph, I signed up for HARO on his suggestion.  The first piece that was picked up for a large organization was for in July 2013.  The article I wrote for that submission inspired me to travel around the world interviewing other people about who inspired them to aim higher and dream larger.  When I got an email from the Inspire Me Today team telling me they were going to re-feature me this past month – that was the push I needed to release “Gaining Clarity – Standing On the Shoulders of Giants” which became an Amazon International Best Seller instantly.  

I have been a HARO subscriber for almost 2 years now and it has been influential for my business in even more ways, including having a piece I wrote be sent out to 23 million people through

In February 2015 I received an email from Gail Goodwin that she wished to re-feature that same piece on May 26th.  The news actually triggered a lot of negative emotions and after meditating and journaling I decided to take a someday project from the back shelf and make it real. I put out a HARO request and on May 26th, 2015 my 3rd book was released.  I realistically have a chance at New York Times Best Seller list – all the result of a HARO request.

Thank you HARO for helping passionate people connect.

– Kevin Cahill

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