My business, Sleepwear, offers moisture-wicking sleepwear for women suffering night sweats caused by menopause. It boomed until the economy went bust. Thanks to HARO, however, my business is rejuvenated.

For its first few years, my online business enjoyed its busiest time at Christmas, when sales would quadruple. The economic downturn hit just before Christmas 2008, leaving me with lots of leftover inventory. That’s when HARO came to the rescue.

I hit PR big time in 2011 when FIRST Magazine, a publication I had never heard of, ran a feature story about how I started my company after undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer in 2002 which threw me into menopause and caused night sweats.

The sales from the story were fantastic. We are still reaping the benefits of the publicity! My company has also been featured in Women Home Business, The Scope magazine, CYH Magazine and on The Lady Brain Show. I’ve actually lost track of all the mentions my business has received!

– Haralee Weintraub

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