I reached out to HARO looking for someone who could share a story of a loved one being scammed. Such stories are very personal and I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to comment given that their family might be too embarrassed by an incident in which money had been lost.

However, one woman who is on HARO because of her job in marketing saw my query and shared the story of her Mom losing $5K to thieves. Thanks to her, someone might read the article and be able to talk with their family about preventing a crime like this.

I use HARO when I am faced with a challenging story to tell and need to find a personal perspective. This is usually the proverbial needle in the haystack I am looking for: a family caregiver for a sibling to offer tips or sharing about how your elderly mother was the victim of a financial scam. What’s great is that even experts on the various topics have had an experience with caregiving or know someone who has so not only can they speak authoritatively but also from the heart. I just couldn’t do my job as quickly and effectively without HARO (I exhausted my friends’ list years ago!).

– Mindy Sink


Mindy Sink is Communications Manager/Editor at Homewatch CareGivers International.

A professional journalist and author of three Moon Handbooks Guide to Denver editions (Avalon Travel), Walking Denver (Wilderness Press), she’s also  co-author of Colorado Organic: Eating Locally, Cooking Seasonally.

As a writer, she has contributed freelance articles to The New York Times, The Broadmoor Magazine, Aurora Magazine, Colorado Heritage magazine, Metropolitan Magazine of Denver, Successful Living Magazine, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, Confluence Denver, Colorado Parent magazine and more. She served as Bureau Manager at the New York Times for over ten years.

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