I owe SO much to HARO. I’ve gotten many placements not just for myself, but also for friends and small businesses. I’ve been having so much fun while honing my pitching skills…I can’t wait for my daily HARO delivery! I’ve successfully used HARO during past roles in both private and higher education, but I have also found great results pitching reporters on subjects near and dear to me such as working moms and breastfeeding.

In my current position, I do not have as many media relations opportunities as I have had in the past because I work in a unit that develops public-private research contracts; however, I still pitch stories in order to keep my skills fresh. My biggest placement came this summer when I secured my best friend’s appearance on “Good Morning America” for being a bridesmaid in 17 weddings!

Here are a few highlights:

– Amanda Holdsworth

Amanda has more than 15 years of experience in public relations and marketing, including 10 years of working in educational communications at various universities and private schools. She currently oversees marketing and communications for the University of Michigan’s Business Engagement Center where she is responsible for developing and implementing the BEC’s strategic communications plan including the website, social media, public relations, marketing and presentations.

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