HARO’s the best online invention and resource around for journalists! Gone are the days of struggling to find reputable experts to use for pieces—it is an invaluable outlet for both finding sources as well as being a source for other reporters. I have used HARO a countless number of times for articles I’ve written, from topics such as urban gardening (for the Chicago Tribune’s RedEye) to ways a couple could communicate better (for Bustle). From crowdsourced stories to more in-depth ones, HARO—and its pool of professionals—never ceases to let me down. (Oftentimes, I get so many replies, I’m left with the challenge of choosing the best-suited ones.) In addition, I love that we can submit a last-minute query and still find the expert(s) we need for a piece, even with an immediate deadline looming.

I not only use HARO to find sources, but I have been a source, as well—including for publications such as CNNMoney, various women’s magazines, and podcasts (mostly related to the couch-surfing memoir I’m writing). An added bonus: The site has also led to friendships, both in-person and online (some halfway across the world!), and has proven to be an unexpected, yet vital, networking tool and support system with fellow writers.

Overall, my stories (literally) would not be complete without HARO. Thank you, HARO, for your continued help!

– Natalia Lusinski

You can find Natalia’s writing in the L.A. Times, the Chicago Tribune’s RedEye,CNNMoney, xoJane, HelloGiggles, Elite Daily, The Mid, and Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies, among other publications. She is an ongoing writer for Bustle, covering dating and relationship issues, and Simplemost, covering lifestyle topics. Between writing for other publications, she’s working on a memoir about couch-surfing (she stayed on over 200 couches in four years!) and associate producing television documentaries. You can check out her website for more.

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