Switch2Health had success with HARO from the start – I’ve been hooked on it ever since. We just keep pitching and actually got more members of the team pitching so we could respond as quickly as possible.

Then, we got our biggest publicity hit yet: Better Homes and Gardens featured our new S2H STEP pedometer.  When that article circulated – and Better Homes has a readership of millions – the whole production run sold out completely in two weeks.

We had so many new customers, we had to create a waiting list. Now, we order more inventory when we know we’re getting that type of publicity via HARO.

When we do a promotion to our Facebook fans or our email list, we promote our news coverage. It’s a content marketing strategy which creates a secondary sales boost and recently helped us get a slot for our STEP product on QVC. They asked to see our track record of media coverage. When we showed them everything we had, they put in a purchase order and booked us for a seven-minute feature.

I can’t think of any other form of marketing that allows a small business to generate the sort of impact HARO does.  You get access to some of the leading reporters from the biggest newspapers, magazines, and TV shows, and they’re looking for your news. It creates a completely level playing field. You don’t need to be inside a particular PR network. You just have to be a business with a good story.

– Goutham Bhadri

*Switch2Health was acquired by fitbit in 2013.

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