We’ve (The HopeFULL Company) been using HARO from the day we launched our company.   Whenever there is something that is relevant to our business in HARO, we respond with a pitch.  We’ve gotten featured in local newspapers, on blogs, and in several online news magazines.

Our biggest hit came when we were planning a trip to New York for the Stevie Awards, where we were nominated for Best New Product of the Year. We saw a HARO query from The Nate Berkus Show, asking for people who needed to look fabulous for a big event.  With an awards ceremony to attend, we replied.

About a week later, we got a call from the show saying that they had really good news: they were going to put me and my sister both on the show. We were ecstatic.

We appeared on the show and we got to tell the world about our business and what we do.  When the show aired a few weeks later, we got 600 hits on our website within an hour. It was the most traffic we have ever received on our website. We also got the most traffic we’ve ever had on Facebook – we got 40 new Likes instantly.  Most importantly, our sales went up 95% that day.

It’s the beginning of bigger things for us.  We feel like the wheels are in motion and momentum is picking up and good things are coming our way.  Getting that kind of coverage was like hitting the lottery. We have HARO to thank. It’s an amazing service.

– Jessica Welsch

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