HARO has been a tremendous success for The 20! We have been included in numerous articles, which is a powerful marketing tool in that it augments our SEO efforts and increases brand awareness. These opportunities have provided great social media content which has garnered high levels of engagement and helped our leadership team establish credibility in their areas of expertise. We’ve landed mentions in Forbes, Amazon, SHRM, Databox, and CMS Wire to name a few, and have built up enough content to create an ‘In the News’ page on our website: https://www.the20.com/press/

I cannot recommend HARO highly enough! Prior to joining The 20, I ran a digital marketing firm and utilized HARO extensively for several years to identify opportunities for clients in a range of industries.

– Crystal McFerran

Crystal McFerran is the Chief Marketing Officer for The 20. She specializes in catapulting businesses through strategic marketing and synergistic branding. Prior to joining The 20, Crystal launched her own companies and held progressive roles at Accor, HP and Safety-Kleen, where she strategized and managed multi-channel, multi-million dollar marketing campaigns and demand generation programs. Her background working with companies ranging from early-stage startup to Fortune 500 giant fueled the desire to launch a company that could connect businesses of all sizes with their marketing goals using 15 years of acquired expertise and battle-tested strategies.

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