As of December 2017 I’ve been using HARO for about a month. I pitched my jewelry line to many holiday gift guide requests for products. About a week past and finally I received a “yes” back from Jana Seitzer of for her Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers.

She featured my Vision Studs which are perfect for traveling because of their small size and they won’t snag.

I believe my quick success came from only pitching opportunities that I know would be a great fit for my products. I do not waste time pitching every reporter asking for a product to feature. I do my research and make sure my products will align with their readers, because that’s what’s most important.

I’m certain I will continue to use HARO with great success. Thanks so much for this amazing service!

– Brittany Witt

Brittany Witt is a self taught jeweler and the owner of Pineal Vision Jewelry, an eCommerce jewelry brand catering to spiritual, conscious and creative women.

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