I used HARO when handling P.R. and corporate communications for a couple of employers shortly after Peter Shankman started it. Using HARO, I was able to generate more than $25 million worth of media coverage for the leading consulting and investment banking firm in the construction industry from 2007 to 2010. I was able to generate more than $300,000 worth of media coverage for the U.S. operations of an Ireland-based wastewater, water reuse and odor control company from 2010 to 2012.

Since joining DZone as a research analyst, I have been charged with interviewing executives in various areas of IT (e.g., Internet of Things, Big Data, Java Ecosystem, Enterprise Integration, et.al.). HARO has been an invaluable resource in connecting me with P.R. professionals with IT clients as well as with IT clients directly. As an online publisher of IT content for developers over the past 15 years, my colleagues at DZone have been very impressed by the quality of executives HARO has given me access to interview.

As you can see, HARO has been a tremendous resource to me as a marketer and as a researcher/reporter/publisher.

– Tom Smith


Tom is an experienced marketing professional who helps companies increase revenue by generating and nurturing leads, measuring and improving customer satisfaction and customer experience by collecting and analyzing data to provide innovative solutions to business problems.

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