As a lawyer at Legally Nanny, I’m one of literally hundreds of thousands of attorneys people can choose from.  By using HARO, I stand out from the crowd.

Letting others know my specialty – representing people who employ people in their home – can be challenging and costly.  As a small businessman, I can’t afford expensive mass advertising, nor would it be effective for the niche market I serve.

I rely exclusively on targeted media and PR to get the word out about our firm.

Thanks to HARO, I was quoted in The Wall Street Journal.  For a small law firm like ours, that is a major coup.

That story led to numerous new clients, as well as more interview requests from other publications.  I even established a working relationship with that reporter, and she’s used me as a source for other stories.

I also let trade publications in my industry know about the article, and they re-published it, continuing the cycle of free publicity. Now when people search for Legally Nanny or my name, they come up with our website or (even better!) one of the articles that mentions our firm. All this came from answering one email.

This cost nothing but a bit of my time. HARO is a win-win for everyone involved.

– Bob King

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