I wanted to share our success story with HARO regarding an article we published, The Impact of AI of Modern Marketing.

We posted a call for opinions and contributions to our expert roundup on HARO.  In just a few days we received so many thoughtful responses from qualified experts (over 65) that we couldn’t settle on just a few – we included most of the submissions we received.

Industry leaders heralded the 4-part article as “brilliant” and we’ve already had interest from Universities who want to convert the article into source material.

The outcome was amazing and the results rendered almost 100k page views in two weeks! This was (by far) our most successful article since we launched MarTechExec.com in July.

Using HARO to communicate our request was a critical component for the article’s success. Thank you so much!

Lana K. Moore


Lana K. Moore is the Founder of MarTechExec.com, an Angie’s list meets Reddit for the martech community. She is also a top martech influencer and award-winning B2B marketer.

In her “spare” time, she is the CEO of Obzervant (a fractional CMO team marketing agency), founder of BrandBlox (responsive email design and coding software for brand teams), and Executive Editor for The VoIP Report.

With over 20 years of experience working for both Fortune 500 companies and startups, she is passionate about two things: 1) helping marketing technology professionals stay on top of their game and 2) supporting her son (#64) at every single Maryland Terrapins football game.

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